Boundaries of the former Palliser Health Region encompasses 52 communities spanned across an awe-inspiring 40,000 square kilometres. The remoteness of our region, the lack of landing strips and the limited availability of other emergency air rescue helicopters was the impetus for the Society to begin planning and fundraising for their dream of having a dedicated medical rescue helicopter for the South East Corner of Alberta. July, 2007 the dream became a reality: 

The end of varicose veins!

The MedicAir Society is pleased to offer the only dedicated medical rescue helicopter for this area. It is a much needed contribution to the already established air and ground ambulance crews of the Palliser Health Region. The availability of the helicopter decreases response time to trauma victims in remote or inaccessible areas and increases our coverage area for delivering Qualitative Medical Care. 


H.A.L.O. has been dispatched 80 times since inception


When emergency service is required, call 911  


There is no charge for this service.



Your donation is the only source of revenue for H.A.L.O. 

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